CAT and Genny Course


The course provides delegates with the essential knowledge needed to safely and correctly operate a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) along with a Signal Generator (GENNY) when tracing underground services to meet the guidance from HSG 47 for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services.



The course involves hands on use of the actual locators to detect and trace the route of buried underground services. This will cover the different types of buried services that exist, current legislation and best practice concerning detecting buried services, the safety implications of not using a locator and associated ancillary equipment, use of local utility plans, observation of evidence in the street etc.

This course includes the following:

  • The reasons for using locators
    • Safety
    • Plans
    • HSG47
  • Range of features available on CATs (inc C-Scope & CAT4)
  • The theory of locating services
  • Range of modes
    • Power
    • Radio
    • Signal
    • AllScan
    • Depth measurements
  • An outside practical session using a range of equipment