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GDPR Guidelines

By law, The Weald Construction Training Group need to hold records of individuals for training purposes and usually has to pass this information on to various training companies.  This is to ensure that certificate records are up to date and current.

The Weald Construction Training Group will only hold records of details of training while the certificate is current and will be removed from the database once certification has expired.

We will be using the following guidelines for our record keeping:

  • The documentation of processing activities is a new requirement under the GDPR.
  • There are some similarities between documentation under the GDPR and the information you provided previously as part of registration under the Data Protection Act 1998.

What is documentation?

  • Organisations are required to maintain a record of their processing activities, covering areas such as processing purposes, data sharing and retention.

What do we need to document under Article 30 of the GDPR?

  • The name and contact details of your organisation and where applicable, of other controllers, this being our Training Providers.
  • The purposes of your processing – training course attended.
  • A description of the categories of individuals and categories of personal data.
  • Details of your transfers to third parties – Training Providers.
  • Retention schedules.

Should we document anything else?

We also record proof of gaining such information on order booking forms and emails from Member Companies, showing the lawful basis for holding this information.  Such documentation may include:

  • the lawful basis for the processing
  • the legitimate interests for the processing
  • the source of the personal data

Should you have any further queries on any personal information held, please contact the Group Training Officer at